Paul Pierce’s Real Reason For Not Liking Lakers’ LeBron James

Paul Pierce’s Real Reason For Not Liking Lakers’ LeBron James

Paul Pierce has made it abundantly clear over the years that he is something of a LeBron James hater.

For his part, Pierce hasn’t done a very good job hiding his disdain for arguably the greatest player of all time.

While everyone knows that Pierce doesn’t like James, it wasn’t until this week that fans finally learned why.

During a recent interview, Mario Chalmers broke down where things went awry between Pierce and James.

“I think it’s something personal,” Chalmers told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

“But for me, I just feel like Paul Pierce never got the respect that he deserved when it comes to him being that type of caliber player he is – because when you think about the top small forwards, you don’t name Paul Pierce,”

“You name T-Mac, Scottie Pippen, James Worthy… you name guys like that. And I just feel like when they named ‘Bron he’s like he’s did things and I should be up there too, I did just as much as these guys did; I got the ring, I got the numbers…why is my name NOT up there? So I think that it’s a little personal matchup between him and ‘Bron. I don’t think it’s really any dislike, I just think that’s how he feels.”

Pierce is obviously a unique character. Between his provocative videos and his infamous wheelchair poop incident, he will definitely go down in the history books for being an interesting kind of guy.

But he was also a tremendous basketball player.

It is definitely fair to say that, if Pierce (in his prime) was able to play with some of the talent his contemporaries got to play alongside, he would have finished with more than one ring in his career.

Does that justify his irrational hatred of James, though? Definitely not.

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