Jonathan Kuminga Increasingly Annoyed With Warriors?

Jonathan Kuminga Increasingly Annoyed With Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors have had something of a hectic offseason.

For obvious reasons, everyone was hoping that they would simply be able to move on from the summer’s drama-filled days and settle into a more low-key rhythm.

To date, that hasn’t happened.

This week, reports surfaced that Jonathan Kuminga may not be happy with his role on the Warriors.

“The guy you worry about is Kuminga,” a Western Conference executive told NBA insider Sean Deveney. “The stuff that was said about him, about his work ethic and all of that, the reality is, he wasn’t playing, and he was frustrated.

“Everyone knew it last year. With the Warriors, they have been lucky that everyone that they have kind of falls in line. Moody, Wiseman, I think those guys get it. But Kuminga wants to play.”

Specifically, Kuminga feels like he has the capacity to do more and is annoyed that he not being afforded the opportunity.

“He has never been in this situation, and it is obviously hard for him,” the executive continued.

“He could probably average 12, 15 points a game if he played regular minutes. He knows that. But the way the team is built, he has to wait, and it does not seem like waiting is in his DNA.”

This isn’t the first time something relating to Kuminga’s dissatisfaction has surfaced.

Various members of the Warriors tried to quell the noise, but clearly unsuccessfully.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. And there is too much smoke here to ignore.

Obviously Golden State has bigger fish to fry at the moment. And until they do, Kuminga and Kuminga’s unhappiness will be placed on the backburner.

But there is a reason this keeps coming up.

The Warriors have a legit problem on their hands as it pertains to their 20-year-old star.

What will they ultimately do about it?

Time will tell.

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