Andrew Wiggins’ Blunt Take On Jordan Poole, Draymond Green Relationship

Andrew Wiggins’ Blunt Take On Jordan Poole, Draymond Green Relationship

Andrew Wiggins’ decision to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors flew under the radar this summer.

Part of the reason why was a massive blow-up between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, resulting in the former punching the latter.

Wiggins was a core piece of the Warriors’ march to a title in 2021-22. As such, he is uniquely qualified to speak on not only team dynamics, but how they will impact the squad going forward.

And that’s precisely what he did this week.

In a recent conversation with Mark Medina of, Wiggins got very honest about what transpired between his teammates.

“Be there for him, make sure he’s good and let them handle it. They’re grown men,” Wiggins told Medina.

“Only they will know when they’re ready to squash everything. They might have already. I see them talking and stuff like that. We’re all here, and our main goal is to win a championship. All I can do is be there to support those guys.”

Wiggins isn’t the only person to offer his two cents on this situation.

Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan weighed in earlier this week.

Before that, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant also offered his harsh assessment on what transpired.

Fellow Warriors swingman Klay Thompson gave his thoughts not long ago as well.

And of course, Poole himself has addressed the dust-up with Green.

With the regular season in full swing, eventually everyone will presumably move on from what happened during the summer.

That said, the speed with which everyone moves on is predicated on how the Warriors play. If the team struggles, as they have up to this point to a certain degree, it will linger.

Once Golden State starts consistently winning, though – it’ll likely become a forgotten issue.

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