Jalen Rose Called Out Over Wild Molly Qerim Photo

Jalen Rose Called Out Over Wild Molly Qerim Photo

Jalen Rose found himself getting called out on social media this week over a wild photo of Molly Qerim.

Rose, a former NBA star and one-time ESPN personality, was famously married to the ‘First Take’ host for a brief period of time. Their subsequent divorce, the reason behind it and all the infidelity rumors in the aftermath are a matter of public record.

Since then Rose has moved on with a new lady and seems to be proceeding with his life.

This week, though – he got pulled back into the fray thanks to a photo of Qerim that was posted on social media.

The two people Qerim is most closely linked to are Rose and Stephen A. Smith. For that reason, the former got absolutely dragged in the comments section.

Fans’ reactions were intense:

Qerim is obviously no stranger to making headlines. Between her provocative outfit choices and handsy encounters with notable college football coaches, she is always in the news for something.

Plus, her and Smith have a really strange dynamic. As a result, the pair often trends together as a well. Just last week Qerim was made visibly uncomfortable by something Smith said during a ‘First Take’ episode.

When the same thing occurred one month prior, with Smith saying something made Qerim noticeably uneasy, she didn’t show up to work the next day.

In any case, Rose and Qerim are obviously doing their best to move on with their lives.

Fans don’t need to rope the other in every time one of them does something.

Qerim and Rose are both public personalities and a certain amount of scrutiny inevitably comes with that. That is the nature of show business. That said, hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future they are both able to get the peace and quiet they deserve.

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