Jackson Mahomes Proves He’s Into Women In Latest Video

Jackson Mahomes Proves He’s Into Women In Latest Video

Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Although being related to an NFL star always results in some excess attention coming your way, few seem to seek that spotlight out in the way Jackson does.

Because of that, Jackson often finds himself in the headlines for both good and bad reasons. More of the latter than the former, though.

Whether it’s for possibly snorting something at a concert, forcefully kissing a woman or doing weird stuff at a memorial – Jackson is always going viral.

It was more of the same this week. In a new clip, Jackson can be seen strolling into the frame, grabbing a young woman’s face and then attempting to suck it dry.

The video largely speaks for itself:

@blaneoh♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) – Kevin Gates

As noted and succinctly summarized by, “Jackson Mahomes Kisses TikTok Model Dayna Marie To Prove To His Haters He’s A Man.”

That’s certainly one way to do it.

Big picture, many have wondered what Jackson’s constantly escapades have done to his relationship with big brother Patrick.

There have been a few signs of trouble. For example, Jackson seemingly wasn’t a part of Patrick’s bachelor party. And then there was this particularly icy exchange between the pair at a game.

That being said – Jackson was also still Patrick’s best man at his wedding.

So make of that what you will.

At the end of the day, Jackson is clearly going to be a mainstay in the larger sports cultural zeitgeist for many years to come. People don’t have to like him, but they may as well get used to him. He’s not going anywhere any time soon.

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