Jackson Mahomes Caught Putting Something Up His Nose At Super Bowl

Jackson Mahomes Caught Putting Something Up His Nose At Super Bowl

Jackson Mahomes is one of the least liked individuals in all of sports and entertainment.

Many big-name celebrities have a lot of haters, but few have a lot of haters and no fans.

That is precisely the territory Jackson resides in, though.

Between his embarrassing photos, awkwardness with Taylor Swift, and family disloyalty, he is always in the headlines for something negative.

It has gotten so bad that his own family seems ticked off with him. Patrick Mahomes’ icy exchange with Jackson blew up online not long ago.

Brittany, similarly, showed she isn’t a huge fan of Jackson either this past weekend.

On Sunday, Jackson went viral once more – this time for people noticing what he was shoving up his nose at the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, folks had some reactions:

Big picture, this was a big week for the Chiefs. Between Taylor Swift’s wardrobe malfunction, her mystery friend causing a stir and Travis Kelce being banned from seeing her, it was one thing after another.

In that respect, Jackson likely won’t be able to steal the headlines away from everyone else involved with this year’s Super Bowl-winning campaign.

That said – it is telling that he still found a way to worm his way into the conversation.

What will Jackson ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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