Dell Curry’s New Wife Nicki Smith’s Photos Go Viral

Dell Curry’s New Wife Nicki Smith’s Photos Go Viral

Dell Curry made headlines this week when he called Seth Curry’s debut with the Charlotte Hornets.

In doing so, he reminded everyone of the last time he wound up in the headlines for a family-related situation – his messy break-up with ex-wife, Sonya.

Between the ugly cheating rumors, angry allegations and taking of sides that occurred during that entire split, the whole ordeal proved to be really difficult to watch.

Recently, Dell made something of a surprising confession: he had actually gotten remarried not long ago.

This week, photos of his new wife, Nicki Smith, began to go viral:

Dell Curry’s New Wife Nicki Smith’s Photos Go Viral 1 Dell Curry’s New Wife Nicki Smith’s Photos Go Viral 2

“It’s great,” Dell said of his newly-married situation.

“… I didn’t know what I was gonna do (after the divorce). I thought about going to the West Coast. I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m not gonna follow my sons. I’m going to stick it out. Hang here.’ And then I had friends who introduced me to my wife now. I’d met her a couple of times.

“We talked on the phone for a month before I laid eyes on her,” Dell continued.

“I’m like: ‘Oh, I like this girl, man. What’s going on here?’ I wasn’t going to get married again. But life is great right now. It couldn’t be better. For me, I’m at a great place in my life. My home situation is sound. My kids and their families are doing great. They’re happy for me. I’m happy for them. So life’s good.”

For what it is worth, Sonya has moved on with a new man as well.

For better or worse, the Curry family is basketball royalty.

As a result, they will continue to be mainstays in the headlines for many more years to come.

Will Dell bring his new bride to any Golden State Warriors games this year if they manage to turn their season around and make the playoffs? Time will tell.

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