Jackson Mahomes’ Reply To Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Draws Controversy

Jackson Mahomes’ Reply To Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Draws Controversy

James Mahomes’ reply to an emotional post by Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, drew controversy this week.

Over the past month Kelce has been in the headlines nonstop over his new relationship with pop icon, Taylor Swift. Everything from his cute three-word nickname for her to her showing up to his Kansas City Chiefs games has been frontpage news.

One unfortunate byproduct of that has been Nicole landing in the headlines over her past romance with Kelce. It already seems like she ended her relationship with one-time BFF Brittany Mahomes over it. But apparently she has been dealing with a lot of fan backlash as well.

This week, she took to social media to share an emotional message on the topic.


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“Your value is deep within your heart,” she said at one point. “You don’t have to participate in this tumultuous, often one-sided journey. Preserve your heart, even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries, you do not have to engage. You do not have to respond because there is power in your silence.”

Responses to Nicole’s message were effusive.

“Love this! The classiest response to all this unnecessary hate she’s been receiving lately,” one person wrote.

“We love you,” another fan added.

One other person who decided to weigh in was Jackson.

Jackson Mahomes’ Reply To Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Draws Controversy 1

Because Jackson is such a lightning rod for negative attention, folks had a lot to say in regards to his reply to Nicole.

“[I don’t know] about you, but if someone is bashing my friend, I’m ready to fight. When you really love someone you will stick up for them and beside them. That is called true friendship,” one fan wrote.

“Your brother and sister in law not saying one word to defend her when she’s getting harassed speaks volumes,” another person chimed in.

Between his icy exchanges with his brother and embarrassing videos, Jackson is obviously no stranger to being in the news cycle. This most recent situation is just par for the course.

Big picture, whether Nicole likes it or not, this Kelce-Swift thing isn’t going away any time soon. Clearly the pair has some sort of intimate bond and it feels like it is nowhere near its conclusion.

Nicole, for her part, is no stranger to making headlines for non-Kelce matters. Between her provocative workout photos, being linked romantically to Klay Thompson and that whole Wiz Khalifa brouhaha, she has been a mainstay in the news cycle for years irrespective of her relationship with the Chiefs tight end.

She should focus on that.

Jackson, for his part, should probably just lay low as it pertains to Nicole, Kelce or anyone even tangentially related to the Chiefs.

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