Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Embarrasses Family Once Again (Video)

Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Embarrasses Family Once Again (Video)

Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson, has been in the spotlight almost as long as the Kansas City Chiefs have been Super Bowl contenders.

Year after year, as Patrick works to put his team in position to win a title, Jackson puts in a similar amount of effort on social media.

To date, his efforts haven’t earned a great response.

This past week Jackson drew the ire of the nation once more by seemingly shooting his shot with Instagram model Alix Earle.

@digitalcloutboi Replying to @mmw003 #jacksonmahomes wants #alixearle to be his girlfriend 😮 #patrickmahomes #nflplayoffs #chiefskingdom #barstoolsports #tmz ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

To say that the comments were not kind to Jackson would be an understatement.

“Just in time for the playoffs,” one person said.

“Protect Alix at all costs,” another replied.

“Denial is a river in Egypy,” a third person chipped in.

In many people’s eyes, Jackson is a huge embarrassment to the Mahomes family name. It doesn’t matter whether he is causing a humiliating scene in public, being super awkward with women or seemingly snorting something at a public event. The youngster has no chill.

Jackson Mahomes Proves He’s Into Women In Latest Video

He is always doing something to tick people off.

Even Jackson’s role in the naming of his new baby nephew angered everybody.

There are certain people with an ability to unite others in their sheer hatred of them – and Jackson definitely fits the bill.

The Chiefs are obviously favored to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs this weekend.

If they prevail, chances are fairly high that this isn’t going to be the last time the general public sees and hears from Jackson in the coming weeks.

As unfortunate as it may be, when Patrick thrives – he always brings his little brother along for the ride with him.

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