Jackie MacMullan’s Surprising Take On LeBron James, Bronny

Jackie MacMullan’s Surprising Take On LeBron James, Bronny

LeBron James has made it no secret that he wants to play the final year of his NBA career with his eldest son, Bronny.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has spoken about it at length. In fact, just this week, he recalled a 9-word message from Bronny that gave him a newfound sense of optimism regarding the whole thing ultimately coming together.

On Tuesday, during an appearance on the Ryen Rusillo Podcast, veteran NBA analyst Jackie MacMullan offered something of a surprising take on LeBron and Bronny’s much-discussed union.

“Doesn’t he [James] wanna catch Michael [Jordan]?” she asked. “I don’t know what’s most important to him now… Trying to catch Michael or making sure he controls his own destiny so he can play with his son?… You can’t tell me that he doesn’t wanna catch Michael.

“And if he stays with the Lakers how on earth is he gonna do that? How? What flexibility do they have for their roster next year? They’re locked into those guys. What are they gonna do?”

The fact that LeBron’s desire to win is even coming under question at this point is telling. That’s how bad the Lakers’ season was in 2021-22.

A lot of questions remain in the air regarding the viability of a LeBron-Bronny pairing in the NBA. Many league executives think it’s a pipe dream.

As things presently stand, Bronny is linked to four very prominent universities. It’s unclear which he’ll ultimately choose. Bronny’s actual skill level, as monitored by legit scouts, is also an important point of consideration in all this.

In any case, MacMullan’s take on LeBron’s priorities at this stage of his career was an interesting one.

Will he prove her wrong by really emphasizing winning another title in the next year? Or will he prove her right and mostly just focus on positioning himself for an imminent Bronny team-up?

Time will tell.

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