Bronny’s 9-Word Message To LeBron James About NBA Future

Bronny’s 9-Word Message To LeBron James About NBA Future

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been very vocal about his desire to one day team up with his eldest son, Bronny.

At 37 years old, LeBron doesn’t have long left in the NBA. But as far as he’s concerned, by hook or by crook, one of those seasons will involve him and Bronny on the same squad.

Recently, LeBron spoke at length about why he’s so confident that his dream will materialize.

During a recent episode of The Shop, LeBron divulged a nine-word message from Bronny that solidified in his mind their paths crossing in the NBA.

“Bronny is No. 1 on my f*****g list,” LeBron said.

“He’s No. 1 on my list. I want to play with for sure … Not too long ago, I said, I asked him, I said, ‘What you want to do with this? Like, you want to get to the pros? What you want to do?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Cause I want to make a name for myself.’ … And when I heard that, ‘Well, let’s f*****g get it.’ That’s all I needed to hear.”

No matter what, LeBron pledges to play his final NBA season alongside Bronny.

“My last year will be played with my son,” he vowed. “Wherever Bronny is at, that’s where I’ll be. I would do whatever it takes to play with my son for one year. It’s not about the money at that point.”

At the core of LeBron’s statements was another interesting truth, though – clearly Bronny wants to carve his own path. He wants to prove that he is more than just his father’s son.

“By the way, he changed his name to Bronny. I didn’t,” LeBron admitted. “He changed his name to Bronny. … Yeah, I made him a junior. But he Bronny. And he Bronny to the world.”

Time will tell if LeBron’s dream of playing with Bronny will materialize. Many executives around the NBA don’t think it will, but that doesn’t mean much.

Currently four prominent universities have expressed interest in Bronny. It’s unclear if that interest is mutual, though. Recruiting experts have been very blunt about Bronny’s talent level, which has also muddied the conversation to some degree.

If and when Bronny does make it to the NBA, one franchise seems well-positioned to sign both him and LeBron. On paper, the fit makes sense.

Will it actually end up happening in reality, though? Time will tell.

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