Is Tom Brady Leaving Patriots For Titans? ESPN Says Yes

Is Tom Brady Leaving Patriots For Titans? ESPN Says Yes

Is Tom Brady Leaving Patriots For Titans? ESPN Says Yes

Is Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots for the Tennessee Titans after this season?

Over the past week, speculation has run rampant that Brady is planning on leaving New England after this year, and it’s mainly all been coming from one place.

In the lead-up to last week’s Monday Night Football showdown ESPN insider Adam Shefter suggested that all signs were pointing to Brady leaving the Patriots after this year.

“When we talk about Tom and his future, let’s look at some simple things,” Schefter said.

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“Has he put his home for sale? Yes.

“Has his trainer put up his home for sale? Yes.

“Has he set up his contract to void after the season to become a free agent? Yes.

“So if he’s selling his home and his trainer is selling his home and he’s voiding his contract, what does that tell you?”

On Thursday, Schefter appeared on ESPN’s Get Up show in the morning and basically repeated his theory that Brady’s time with the only professional franchise he has ever played for might be up.

“I don’t think he knows how it’s going to play out after this year,” he said.

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“But again, just look at the basic facts. He’s selling his house and he’s voiding his contract. Doesn’t that tell you something?

“There are three options: he’s staying in New England, retiring or playing somewhere else.

“I would think staying in New England is the least likely option of the three.”

Schefter is not the only ESPN personality to suggest Brady’s departure is imminent.

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Later in the week, First Take host Stephen A. Smith noted that Brady might be itching to leave the Patriots for the bright lights of Tennessee.

“I think people are missing something here: the Tennessee Titans,” Smith said.

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“Why would I say that? Who’s Tom Brady known to be close to? Mike Vrabel, the head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

“What’s the problem with the Tennessee Titans as we see them right now? I got news for you, it’s not the defense.

“Their defense if the fourth-ranked defense in the NFL,” Smith added.

With the Marcus Mariota Era having officially come to an end this season, the Titans are obviously in the market for a starting quarterback.

Is that quarterback going to be a 43-year-old Brady?

We’ll find out this summer.

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