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Winner of Alabama vs LSU Is Obvious, Says Kirk Herbstreit

Winner of Alabama vs LSU Is Obvious, Says Kirk Herbstreit

Winner of Alabama vs LSU Is Obvious, Says Kirk Herbstreit

The winner of Alabama vs LSU is obvious, says Kirk Herbstreit.

As it stands, the Crimson Tide has not lost to LSU in eight years.

Many are wondering if that is about to change given the improvement experienced by the Tigers over the past season coupled with Tua Tagovailoa’s injury.

Tagovailoa sprained his ankle during Alabama’s most recent victory over Tennessee this past weekend.

He will now sit out his squad’s game versus Arkansas this weekend, then have a bye week to rest and then hopefully return at near-100 percent on Nov. 9 versus LSU.

This week, while speaking on Alabama’s upcoming showdown against LSU on his podcast, Herbstreit offered an interesting take on the game.

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“After this week, it’s the bye week,” Herbstreit said. “He’s so talented he can take mental reps in that bye week and study LSU and really get tuned in.

“You hope to get a day or two of practice out of him the week leading into the game. Here’s the concern, though. You’re going to throw him out, potentially, in what I think is going to be a shootout,” he continued.

“I don’t think Bama will stop Joe Burrow. I just don’t. I think LSU, if Tua is healthy, has a hard time stopping Tua and that offense. So, the game means you need Tua healthy.

“If he gets dinged or he has to scramble, you just hold your breath every time he’s in some kind of contact. It’s one thing to rest after a high-ankle sprain and that procedure, give it two-and-a-half or three weeks, and then you go out.

“You truly have not tested it until you get on the field that night,” he added.

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“Now you’re hoping somebody doesn’t sack him, he doesn’t have to scramble, there isn’t some kind of collision that forces him instinctively to use some kind of extra effort.

“Now he’s pushing to get that extra yard. Now he’s straining that ankle. Now he’s back to square one.

“High-ankle sprain, anyone who has ever had one know, if you force it a little early to come back, you’re just a slight tweak away from going all the way back to where now you can’t even walk on it.”

Will Tagovailoa and Alabama be able to prove the doubters wrong?

We’ll find out on Nov. 9.

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