Is Suns’ Kevin Durant Dating WNBA Star Rhyne Howard?

Is Suns’ Kevin Durant Dating WNBA Star Rhyne Howard?

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant is one of the NBA’s more enigmatic personalities.

Although he is arguably the most well-known player in the league aside from LeBron James, not much about his personal life is ever really reported on.

For example, fans were quite surprised when details about his preferred extracurricular activities finally came out. They didn’t realize he was about that life.

Fans also seem to be a bit surprised whenever photos emerge of Durant either partying it up with women at the club or partying it up with them on a yacht.

All of which speaks to how mysterious the details surrounding Durant’s personal life truly are.

This week, a fresh rumor about the Suns star set the internet ablaze.

It all started when WNBA star Rhyne Howard shared a photo of herself and Durant to social media.

Is Suns’ Kevin Durant Dating WNBA Star Rhyne Howard? 2

Understandably, fan interested was piqued. Internet detectives then dug in and discovered that this isn’t the first time the pair has posed for an intimate photo.

Apparently, Howard had slid into Durant’s DMs at one point and a friendship blossomed as a result.

“It had been brought to my attention that I was one of his favorite players and I was like, ‘Thee Kevin Durant loves me?’” Howard said on Mercury’s “The It Girls” podcast a few months ago.

“And so I was home on a break I went to a game… and I DM’d him and said ‘I think I need to meet you officially, so can I come down? We talked a little bit. He’s very chill, very nice.”

So is the pair dating? It is unclear. Howard one famously said that she would be willing to marry Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson. She hasn’t made any similar pronouncements about Durant, though.

Either way, this is a situation to monitor. Durant and Howard’s children would inevitably dominate the basketball world. Will the pair ever link up to make that dream a reality? Time will tell.

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