Lakers Cut Scotty Pippen Jr. Because Of His Mom Larsa?

Lakers Cut Scotty Pippen Jr. Because Of His Mom Larsa?

Scotty Pippen Jr.’s run with the Los Angeles Lakers garnered a lot of attention.

As the son of one of the greatest players of all time, Scotty was someone fans could get behind. Unfortunately, earlier this month, L.A. made the tough decision to release him.

Most attributed the front office’s move to being a byproduct of the roster and how Scottie’s skillset meshed with it.

That may not have been the case, though.

According to hip hop legend-turned-sports insider Cam’Ron, Larsa is the reason the Lakers god rid of Scottie.

“It’s his mother,” Cam’Ron said.

“Ain’t nothing to do with Scotty. They don’t need that to mess up the game. He got no time. He got waived by which team? They got no time. Jeanie Buss and them don’t got time for that nonsense. It only takes one call. Michael Jordan calls Magic Johnson, Magic Johnson calls Jeanie Buss, shut it down.”

Larsa is definitely a lightning rod of sorts for attention. Between her intimate recent encounters with Marcus Jordan, decision to take his last name when they get married and racy choice of Halloween costume, she has been a mainstay in the news cycle for the past year and change.

Then again, blaming Scotty’s Lakers woes on her seemed a bit presumptuous. Yes, the youngster averaged 21.4 points and 5.6 assists per game across 19 outings with the South Bay Lakers, but he also never really proved himself to be an NBA-level talent.

He was always on the periphery of making the league.

Besides, why is it just Larsa’s drama that gets brought up in this case? What about Scotty’s dad’s weird thing with his own younger love interest? Or the time he drove around with a shirtless female in his backseat?

Both of Scotty’s parents are attention magnets at this point.

Fortunately, Scotty is still young. He is still just 22 years old. Maybe he can come back, work on his game and return with a vengeance.

Will the Lakers ultimately give Scotty another chance down the line when he improves as a basketball player? Time will tell.

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