Aaron Rodgers’ Ex Danica Patrick Confirms She Was Cheated On

Aaron Rodgers’ Ex Danica Patrick Confirms She Was Cheated On

Aaron Rodgers ex-girlfriend and auto racing legend, Danica Patrick, confirmed she was cheated on this past week.

Patrick, something of an enigma as far as sports influencers go, is no stranger to causing a stir on social media. Between her wild boat party photos and various provocative pictures, she does it quite regularly.

That said, Patrick definitely took things to a whole new level this week.

It all started when Patrick posted some content regarding getting cheated on:

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From there, fans began trying to connect the dots. You will recall, Patrick and Rodgers were in a pretty lengthy relationship during the latter’s stint with the Green Bay Packers.

Just when things seemed to be getting ultra-serious, they split. Shortly thereafter, Rodgers became linked to Shailene Woodley. He and her would go on to have a long-term relationship as well – culminating in a failed engagement.

Right after the time when Rodgers and Patrick split, and before he and Woodley confirmed their burgeoning romance, a lot of sordid rumors began floating around regarding what precisely had occurred there.

None were ever officially confirmed, obviously, but that didn’t stop them from spreading like wildfire.

Do Patrick’s posts from this week confirm that they were all true? Definitely not. She doesn’t name names, after all. She could have been cheated on by someone else or multiple parties.

But it also isn’t hard to see why so many NFL fans have opted to connect the dots that have been connected.

In any case, whether cheating did or didn’t occur in the love triangle between Patrick, Rodgers and Woodley, it isn’t like Rodgers’ and Woodley’s love affair ended on a particularly positive note.

The reason why they broke up speaks for itself, as does her reaction to his subsequent romance.

Rodgers is currently rumored to be dating Milwaukee Bucks heiress Mallory Edens, who is a decade his junior.

Patrick, it seems, is still single.

Interestingly enough, Rodgers spoke out about Patrick not too long ago and really made it seem like he was still in love with her. Patrick, for her part, has never really addressed Rodgers.

Will Patrick’s recent cheating comments spur a reaction from Rodgers one way or the other? Time will tell.

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