Kevin Durant, Trae Young Party At James Harden’s Birthday (Photos)

Kevin Durant, Trae Young Party At James Harden’s Birthday (Photos)

Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden turned 33 this week. In celebration of the momentous occasion, he decided to have a little birthday bash.

Among the NBA players on hand to help bring in the festivities: Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young.

Understandably, images from the big event flooded social media immediately.

They largely speak for themselves:


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This has been a big summer for Harden, Durant and Young.

Harden has undergone an incredible full body transformation after last season’s Sixers collapse. Obviously diet and exercise have played no small role in that, but another big part of it has been him cooling it on the partying.

This is a guy who, at one point, NBA squads had to hire private investigators to follow because he was going out so much. But now he is content just chilling with his girl.

That has been big.

Obviously doing a big thing for your birthday is an allowable exception to the no partying rule, but otherwise, Harden clearly has his mind right at the moment.

Durant, meanwhile, has been partying like crazy this summer. He has been going out with random women and clubbing nonstop. He is having himself quite the offseason.

As for Young, he has been keeping it relatively low key. Clearly with the acquisition of Dejounte Murray he is under the impression that Atlanta can do some real work in the East next season.

Time will tell if that proves to be true.

It’s nice that Harden, Durant and Young had the opportunity to chill and have a good time together right now – because the NBA season is rapidly approaching.

And when it does, friends turn to foes.

Which one of these guys will ultimately have the best 2022-23 NBA campaign?

An answer should emerge soon enough.

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