Images Of Kevin Durant Partying In Greece Go Viral (Photos)

Images Of Kevin Durant Partying In Greece Go Viral (Photos)

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant recently visited Greece. While there, he attended a Monaco game featuring his friend and former teammate, Mike James.

The reaction he got from Olympiacos fans in Piraeus speaks for itself:

But it wasn’t just a business trip for Durant. He seems to have also found some time to go party:

Naturally, with Twitter being Twitter, reactions to this poured in immediately:

Images Of Kevin Durant Partying In Greece Go Viral (Photos) 1

Clearly Durant knows how make headlines even when he isn’t on the court.

Big picture – it will be interesting to see how Durant’s career unfolds going forward. This past season was a massive disappointment, but it’s unclear whether it’s the exception or the rule.

At the moment, it feels like Durant finds himself in the news far more for sending out petty text messages and being a weirdo online than substantive basketball accomplishments.

It wasn’t always like this, though.

Winning solves a lot of problems. And if Durant manages to win a chip next season or come close to doing so, all his recent woes will be forgotten.

If he doesn’t – it will be interesting to see if Durant’s legacy slowly starts taking a hit.

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