Is A DK Metcalf Trade Brewing Between Seahawks, Cowboys?

Is A DK Metcalf Trade Brewing Between Seahawks, Cowboys?

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf has been the subject of nonstop trade speculation over the past few months.

Between the team’s decision to ship Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and the lack of quality replacements for the former MVP currently on the roster, it feels like a rebuild is inevitable.

A star player like Metcalf has little place in a situation like that.

This week, reports began to surface regarding a possible trade between Seattle and the Dallas Cowboys centering around Metcalf.

“The 24-year-old skipped Seattle’s mandatory minicamp while holding out for his new deal,” Alex Kay of Bleacher Report wrote recently. “The Cowboys could swoop in and capitalize on this situation, offering the rebuilding Seahawks a package of draft capital in exchange for the rising star.

“NFL Network’s Rich Eisen called it a move that Dallas owner Jerry Jones is ‘built to make,’ highlighting the allure of Metcalf in a Cowboys uniform during marquee matchups.”

“Dallas should be on the phone to Seattle right now,” Eisen said.

“How huge would DK Metcalf be with a star on the side of his helmet? … I do appreciate his star ability to make himself a figurative star wherever he goes, but the star on the side of that helmet. Thanksgiving days, Monday nights, Sunday nights.

“DK Metcalf on the Dallas Cowboys is exactly the play that Jerry Jones would make, is exactly the play Jerry Jones is built to make …”

With Amari Cooper being shipped off to the Cleveland Browns earlier in the offseason, the move would certainly make a ton of sense for Dallas. Plus, between Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill and A.J. Brown all getting dealt already over the past few months – this has been a summer full of receivers getting traded.

Metcalf would just be the latest one.

This has been a crazy few weeks for Metcalf. Between his Zach Wilson comments, photos of him dating a pop star and his blunt message about Drew Lock, he has been in the news nonstop.

Now it’s this.

Will the Cowboys be able to make something happen on this front and give Dak Prescott the best receiving weapon he has ever had in his career?

Time will tell.

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