Has Cam Newton’s Twitter Burner Account Been Exposed?

Has Cam Newton’s Twitter Burner Account Been Exposed?

Free agent quarterback Cam Newton has been on a bad run as of late.

The New England Patriots released him a few weeks back for three pretty legitimate reasons. He in turn responded by accusing the organization of having “bamboozled” him, which led to a memorable response from head coach Bill Belichick.

Past that, he hasn’t really come close getting picked up by any teams and has essentially been suffering one indignity after another over the past few months.

This week, things went from bad to potentially straight up humiliating.

According to and Barstool Sports, Newton may be using a burner account by the name of @PartridgeLady. Some of the highlighted tweets include:

So is that actually Newton? It’s impossible to say for certain. More evidence needs to be examined before a definitive ruling can be made. For now, folks can come to their own conclusions.

Potential burners aside, Newton currently finds himself in an interesting predicament. On one hand, he’s down pretty bad. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently went into great detail why his team has no interest in the former league MVP. The Washington Football Team also did something similar.

On the other, 5 teams are viewed as legit potential suitors for his services – so that’s something. But thus far none has actually pulled the trigger on a deal.

Will that change in the coming weeks and months? Time will tell.

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