Exact Moment Poker Fans Think Robbi Jade Lew Cheated (Video)

Exact Moment Poker Fans Think Robbi Jade Lew Cheated (Video)

A cheating controversy erupted in the world of poker this week, and eagle-eyed fans think they spotted the precise moment it occurred.

The controversy in question features two central players: Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein.

Over the years Adelstein has developed a reputation for himself as one of the more savvy players in competitions. His relative consistency and track record is what made one particular sequence during a particular showdown between him and Lew stand out.

The back-and-forth speaks for itself:

When Adelstein went all in for $109,000 more, that should have been it. Everything should have ended right there, because he had about a million different ways to win – whereas Lew seemed cooked. And by the percentages, that should have been her read on the situation as well.

Instead, she called.

Everyone knows what happened after that. She won in extremely unexpected fashion.

After the game ended, the cheating accusations began to fly. Adelstein went on to post this on Twitter:

Eagle-eyed fans on social media took it one step further. They believe that Lew wore a “hidden device” that aided her in the crucial moment that decided the match.

That theory has been increasingly picking up steam:

What has really contributed to the idea that cheating was involved in some capacity was the way things ended after original showdown.

Adelstein, Lew, the producers of their show, and a fellow player in the game who is a friend of Lew’s were reportedly all seen in heavy conversation on the casino floor:

The fact that Lew reportedly offered to pay back what Adelstein lost on that specific hand is also telling.

Lew is a deeply popular player. Her Instagram content always does extremely well:


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A post shared by Robbi Jade Lew (@robbijadelew)


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A post shared by Robbi Jade Lew (@robbijadelew)

So obviously this will hurt her reputation no matter what the truth is.

Cheating has become something of a major story in sports over the past few weeks. Allegations have been made in both chess and fishing in recent days.

Now it’s poker.

This has been a kooky year for sports. Between fans with big butts going viral, cheerleaders becoming central figures in unfortunate encounters and Heisman frontrunners getting exposed for their weird bedroom fetishes – it has been one thing after another.

But this poker thing is next level strange.

With any luck, a deeper dive into what happened here between Adelstein and Lew will occur.

And when it is done – hopefully the wronged parties ultimately get the justice they deserve.

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