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Cheerleader Fight Steals Show On College Football Gameday

Cheerleader Fight Steals Show On College Football Gameday

Cheerleaders often find themselves front and center on college football gamedays, but what happened this weekend was definitely a little different.

With a ton of interesting games in full swing, the most viral thing on trending on social media late Saturday was a brawl that erupted involving a cheerleader.

Details on what precisely led up to the altercation are hazy, but the end result was quite dramatic.

The video tells the whole story:

While details about what started the confrontation and what precisely happened in the aftermath remain murky, folks felt like they could fill in the blanks.

The reactions to what happened were telling:

All in all, this has been a pretty crazy week in college football. Between teams getting blatantly cheated out of wins, coaches physically attacking their players and Lee Corso’s health drama – it has been one thing after another.

And as a whole, 2022 has been pretty nuts. You’ve got Coach O doing his thing with cheerleaders, fans having sexy times in the stands and quarterbacks with bedroom preferences you really wouldn’t expect. Just crazy stuff.

In that regard, cheerleaders brawling may just be par for the course.

In any case, though – it will be interesting to see if any fresh details about the participants of this particular clip emerge over the next few days.

If they do, they may find themselves a lot more famous than they originally set out to be.

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