Erik Spoelstra’s Slick Divorce Move Saves $120 Million Heat Contract From Ex-Wife

Erik Spoelstra’s Slick Divorce Move Saves $120 Million Heat Contract From Ex-Wife

Erik Spoelstra signed a massive eight-year, $120 million contract extension with the Miami Heat this week.

While his overall record of 725-506 is undoubtedly impressive, where Spoelstra has continuously made his mark has been the postseason.

Consistently, he has guided the Heat to performances that — in most people’s estimations — are overachievements relative to the amount of talent he has to work with. Two NBA championships and six NBA Finals appearances speak for themselves.

Multiple NBA stars reacted quite positively to Spoelstra inking his big-time deal:

That being said, one of the things folks at home couldn’t help but observe was the timing of this particular extension. Earlier this year, Spoelstra and his long-time wife split up. It didn’t take long for the real reason why to emerge.

The timing of the divorce relative to the contract extension didn’t go unnoticed:

In a headline-filled NBA week that saw Paul George’s win-win NBA trade proposal for the Golden State Warriors blow up, a bizarre exchange between James Harden and Bradley Beal’s wife go viral and the Golden State Warriors put their foot down in trade negotiations with the Toronto Raptors, it is telling that Spoelstra’s new contract has caused such a stir.

And it is similarly telling that folks immediately made the connection to the timing of it relative to his divorce.

Regardless of the forethought that went into this contract extension, it locks Spoelstra in with Miami for a long time.

Is another NBA Finals run in the Heat and Spoelstra’s immediate future? Time will tell.

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