James Harden’s Encounter With Bradley Beal’s Wife Goes Viral (Video)

James Harden’s Encounter With Bradley Beal’s Wife Goes Viral (Video)

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Phoenix Suns 131-122 on Wednesday night.

James Harden finished the outing with 22 points and 11 assists, while Bradley Beal chipped in 21 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists for the losing side.

After the game, an understandably giddy Harden ran into Beal’s wife.

A video of their encounter quickly went viral:

Kamiah is a huge star in her own right. She routinely blows up online for things like her wild party photos. As a result, everyone recognized her in the video from the jump.

NBA fans tend to have a reaction when it comes to everything. And this particular incident proved to no different.

Folks took to social media to respond:

Big picture, this week’s win over the Suns was a huge one for the Clippers.

Yes, Phoenix has been hobbled all year – but that is the nature of the sport. You have to win the games in front of you no matter what.

This could have been a legitimate Western Conference Finals preview.

Will the Clippers and Suns ultimately face off in the playoffs this season? Time will tell.

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