Nebraska Star Jess Gardner’s New Wild Party Photos Go Viral

Nebraska Star Jess Gardner’s New Wild Party Photos Go Viral

Nebraska star Jess Gardner has emerged in recent years as one of the bigger Cornhuskers sports stars around.

Once upon a time Nebraska was obviously a football school. At that point, few could compete with the football players who dominated the institution. These days, though – that isn’t even remotely the case.

Nebraska’s football team came into the 2023 season a joke, and not even Matt Rhule could do anything to change that. As a result, other sports at the school have seen an increase in prominence.

Volleyball has obviously taken center stage over the past year, but so has track and field. Enter: Gardner. She is inarguably the most well-known pole-vaulter at the school and has blown up repeatedly over the last few months.

This week, Gardner went viral over her wild party photos:


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Over the past few months Gardner has set the internet ablaze for everything ranging from her wild going out pictures to her provocative shower video to her memorable bathrobe photos.

Obviously Gardner isn’t quite on the level of LSU’s Olivia Dunne. The latter went viral just a few days ago over her video in her pajamas. She is so famous that even her sister walking around in a see-through outfit nearly melted the internet.

But Dunne aside, Gardner is definitely in that next echelon of prominent collegiate athletes.

What Gardner has been able to do at Nebraska has been remarkable.

Her profile is at an all-time high at the moment.

And given how sorry the Cornhuskers’ football team continues to be, it is unlikely that they will be able to steal the spotlight away from her any time soon.

What will Gardner ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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