Nebraska Pole Vaulter Jess Gardner’s Bathrobe Photos Cause A Stir

Nebraska Pole Vaulter Jess Gardner's Bathrobe Photos Cause A Stir

Nebraska pole vaulter Jess Gardner emerged over the past year as arguably the school’s biggest sports star.

Obviously Matt Rhule’s decision to take over the Huskers’ football program got a lot of attention in 2023, but it didn’t yield a ton in the way of results.

After a slow start to the season Rhule did find his footing a bit, but then he lost it all over again and finished the year off with four straight losses.

When it was all said and done the Huskers finished with a 5-7 overall mark – good for fourth in the Big Ten West.

Because the football program has been such an embarrassment in Lincoln for the last few years, other sports stars at the school have ascended to popularity.

Case in point: Gardner.

Obviously pole-vaulting isn’t something that gets a ton of attention, but somehow, Gardner has put it on the map. Along the way, she has also built up a sizable following on social media.

Any time she posts anything, be it her wild going out photos, provocative vacation photos or racy Halloween outfit, it goes viral.

And this week proved to be no exception.

In a recent post, Gardner took to social media to share her wild bathrobe photos. They proved to be an instant hit:


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Big picture, obviously Gardner’s fame is great for her and other stars of somewhat marginalized sports.

That said, it does also underscore how dire of straights Nebraska’s football program is presently in.

At one point, this was one of the most storied groups in all of college football. But those days appear to be long gone.

Will Gardner continue to be arguably Nebraska’s most notable sports in 2024 the way she was in 2023? Time will tell.

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