Kawhi Leonard’s Over-The-Top Display Of Emotion Surprises NBA Fans

Kawhi Leonard’s Over-The-Top Display Of Emotion Surprises NBA Fans

Kawhi Leonard’s over-the-top display of emotion surprised NBA fans this week.

During an outing between the Los Angeles Clippers and Indiana Pacers, James Harden absolutely went off. He shifted gears into full-on supernova.

At one point he hit four straight three-pointers and had everyone watching the scene unfold go absolutely wild.

That ‘everyone’ included Leonard:

Fans at home couldn’t get over how into the proceedings the normally-stoic Leonard was.

They immediately took to social media to react:

Obviously Leonard has developed a reputation over the years for being somewhat emotionless, but he has been showing more and more of his personality over the past few months.

Between going out more with his girlfriend, being randomly goofy, and his wild birthday boat party – it has been one thing after another for Leonard.

This was just the latest example.

Ever since relegating Russell Westbrook to the bench, the franchise’s fortunes really seem to have turned around.

The Clippers are now 16-10 on the year and seem to be firing on all cylinders. Is a deep playoff run in Leonard’s near future? Time will tell.

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