Clippers Star Kawhi Leonard’s Birthday Boat Photos Cause A Stir

Clippers Star Kawhi Leonard’s Birthday Boat Photos Cause A Stir

Kawhi Leonard celebrated his 32nd birthday this week amid growing questions about what his Los Angeles Clippers will do in the offseason.

Leonard, arguably one of the best NBA players ever when he is healthy, has struggled to make much of an impact in L.A.

Constant injuries coupled with some bad luck has resulted in the Clippers consistently underperforming ever since going all-in on him and Paul George.

Fortunately, the front office appears on the verge of making a big blockbuster move to create a three-headed monster that will rival any group in the league. That could be the trade that finally pushes this unit over the top.

In the meantime, Leonard took some time off this week to commemorate his birthday. The boat photos speak for themselves.

As do some of the other pictures from the big occasion.

Clippers Star Kawhi Leonard’s Birthday Boat Photos Cause A Stir 1

Fans understandably had some strong reactions to the imagery.

Many immediately flocked to social media to weigh in.

This isn’t the first time fans have gotten a glimpse into Leonard’s normally guarded personality. Before this, as shown by his wild photos from George’s holiday party and his encounter with some women sitting courtside, the Clippers star has let his walls down on rare occasions in the past as well.

All that being said, fun times aside, it will be interesting to see what version of him shows up in 2023-24. If he is healthy, the Clippers are as good or better than any team in the league.

The problem is, Leonard has never played a full season since arriving in Los Angeles.

Does anyone really believe that this will be the year that changes?

One way or another, Leonard will make one more attempt at living up to the championship expectations set for him and the Clippers next season. If he fails, though – it will be really interesting to see what direction he goes in with that $49 million player option in 2024-25.

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