2 Draymond Green Frontrunners Emerge If Warriors Trade Him

2 Draymond Green Frontrunners Emerge If Warriors Trade Him

Draymond Green has been suspended indefinitely after his most recent physical altercation.

Given how things have gone for him in 2023, and in light of the Golden State Warriors’ struggles so far this season, murmurs have quietly started about whether the front office would consider moving him.

Just last year Golden State gave Green a $100 million extension. That said, they haven’t gotten a ton of bang for their buck since then. Plus, it is telling that even Stephen Curry is out here talking about how troubled Green is at this point.

If the Warriors do decide to move on from Green, two clear frontunners have emerged for his services.

The Dallas Mavericks would make a ton of sense for Green at this juncture. Clearly they are open to making high-risk, high-rewards bets as evidenced by their Kyrie Irving pick-up. And at 16-9, they currently have the third-best record in the West.

Green could be the piece that ultimately puts Dallas over the top in their hunt for another NBA championship.

If not the Mavs, the Los Angeles Lakers are also a sensible option. While Green wouldn’t really solve their shooting woes, he does have a unique way of helping facilitate the offense just by virtue of his smart play on that side of the ball.

Plus, he would really help shore up L.A.’s defense – a defining characteristic for this group whenever they are truly competing for a title in the LeBron James Era.

Green’s close relationship with James is also a matter of public record.

James has a certain way of getting what he wants. This is a man, after all, who somehow managed to get revenge on Ime Udoka by setting Nia Long up with Cam’ron. He plays chess, not checkers.

So if James decides he wants to play alongside Green, he will find a way to make that goal a reality.

One way or another, it will be fascinating to see what the Warriors decide to do with Green this season.

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