Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Draymond Green’s Troubles

Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Draymond Green’s Troubles

Stephen Curry got brutally honest about Draymond Green’s troubles this week after it was the revealed that the latter star would be suspended indefinitely.

Earlier this week, during a game between the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, Green got ejected following a dirty play on Jusuf Nurkic.

In the aftermath, given that Green literally just came back from serving a suspension over choking out Rudy Gobert, many felt like the Warriors enforcer had just used up his last chance.

Both Golden State and the NBA agreed that it would be best for Green to be suspended indefinitely until he could sort out whatever it was that was making him behave this way.

Shortly thereafter, Kevin Durant gave his blunt assessment on Green’s woes. Steve Kerr was similarly critical.

Curry, the Warriors’ best player and team leader, is known for having a tight-knit relationship with Green.

This week he offered his brutally honest take on the whole situation.

“That’s the conversation we had,” Curry said of what he told Green following the Gobert altercation. “I was like, ‘I worry less about what you did, but more the why and how it happened.’”

That said, Curry made it a point to emphasize the soft spot he has for his teammate.

“We’ve been together so long, he’s told me about a lot of the stuff that’s happened to him personally along the way,” Curry went on.

“There are a lot of stressors. But we all breathe life from him. I don’t know anybody who can replace that. He’s such a barometer for how we’re playing, how motivated we are. His effect on the room is strong. So it’s a blessing and a curse.”

It will be interesting to see how Green bounces back from this.

Obviously he has always been something of an interesting character, but his behavior as of late has been wholly unacceptable.

Will Green be able to get his act together before he plays himself out of the NBA for good? Time will tell.

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