Paul George Proposes Win-Win NBA Trade For Golden State Warriors

Paul George Proposes Win-Win NBA Trade For Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have gotten off to a rough start this season.

As a result, Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George has taken it upon himself to offer up a potential solution.

George keeps his ear to the ground, and he has heard some rumblings about a move that could potentially turn Golden State’s season around.

This week George appeared on his podcast and proposed what he described as a ‘win-win’ NBA trade for both the Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

“I saw them put in Pascal [Siakam] and [Jonathan] Kuminga in a trade,” he said. “That’s a win for both sides.”

George acknowledged that other pieces would need to be involved, but he liked the broad strokes of the potential trade.

“Like obviously, Golden State would have to add more just from contracts meeting up,” he added.

George’s idea certainly makes sense on paper, but there is just one problem: the Warriors’ steadfast refusal to include one particular player in any deal.

Toronto is eager to part ways with Siakam. The front office has made that abundantly clear for more than a year.

But the Raptors won’t give him up for nothing. Something needs to come back in that deal.

And if Kuminga is off the table as far as Golden State is concerned, it is unclear what the Warriors can put together that will entice Toronto to give up Siakam.

Obviously one other Golden State player has increasingly been mentioned in trade chatter over the past few days – but the Raptors’ interest in him is unclear.

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here.

Will the Warriors and Raptors heed George’s advice and make something centered around Siakam and Kuminga happen? Time will tell.

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