Warriors Refusing To Trade 1 Star To Raptors For Pascal Siakam

Warriors Refusing To Trade 1 Star To Raptors For Pascal Siakam

The Golden State Warriors are interested in Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam.

Unfortunately, a roadblock has emerged that could blow up any potential deal.

Toronto views Siakam as one of the NBA’s best players and worthy of a massive package.

Golden State agrees – but to a degree. That being said, there is one player they are refusing to include any potential deal.

According to NBA insider Michael Grange, the Warriors view Jonathan Kuminga as off limits.

“Still, according to multiple sources, the Warriors are loathe to trade Kuminga, who is seen as a potential star who can help them win now and in the future, the rare piece on the roster who can help Golden State both support Steph Curry in the present and transition to a successful post-Curry future, should it ever come,” he wrote.

“And a not insignificant detail is that Kuminga is said to have a very close relationship with Warriors owner Joe Lacob who has historically been reluctant to part with any of the young talent that represents the Warriors’ so-called ‘two-timelines’ strategy of meshing a group of young draftees with their established championship core.”

Kuminga is a deeply talented player, but obviously he has had some clashes with the Warriors’ veterans and coaching staff.

Stephen Curry’s recent comments about Kuminga were pretty self-explanatory.

“He’s not wrong in being upset and pissed off, wanting to play,” Curry said of the youngster.

“Probably should’ve played. Not probably. But to your point, the ultimate challenge for anybody in this league is to not let the narrative be told for you and you not be able to address that with your own voice or directly with coach or whatever the case is.”

Siakam is an All-Star and could be a great fit in Golden State. The question is just how the Warriors view him in relation to Kuminga.

One way or another, things promise to get interesting for all parties involved before the NBA Trade Deadline this season.

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