Stephen Curry Reacts To Warriors’ Locker Room Infighting, Coaching Woes

Stephen Curry Reacts To Warriors’ Locker Room Infighting, Coaching Woes

Stephen Curry spoke to the media this week regarding the latest incident of infighting within the Golden State Warriors’ locker room.

A few days ago, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Jonathan Kuminga lost faith in head coach Steve Kerr’s ability to play him well. The youngster has apparently been frustrated with his playing time, plus the role he has within Golden State’s larger structure.

This isn’t the first time this has been a problem. Dating all the way back to last year, rumblings of Kuminga’s unhappiness were only drowned out because of what a dumpster fire Jordan Poole’s relationship with the Warriors was. But things with Kuminga were pretty bad, too.

This week Curry addressed the situation

“I’ve been there before,” Curry said.

“He’s not wrong in being upset and pissed off, wanting to play. Probably should’ve played. Not probably. But to your point, the ultimate challenge for anybody in this league is to not let the narrative be told for you and you not be able to address that with your own voice or directly with coach or whatever the case is.”

Curry didn’t stop there, though.

“We all go through our challenges,” he continued.

“We all go through our learning lessons. Like I said, he’s not wrong for being upset and frustrated. I heard coach talk about it. He was kind of half-joking but serious about 15 years he was always upset with playing time. That’s a talking point in every locker room in some way, shape or form.”

Clearly the Warriors have some problems with their roster as it presently constructed.

The question is just whether they will be able to resolve those issues before it’s too late.

There is a reason Andrew Wiggins’ girlfriend came out with a cryptic message on social media this week.

A lot of people, including Wiggins and Kuminga, understand that their roles with the Warriors are up in the air right now.

And a lot of all these players’ futures depends on whether Golden State can right this ship.

Will Curry, Kerr and the rest of the Warriors be able to get back on track to start 2024? Or is some sort of roster blow-up inevitable? One way or another, an answer is coming soon enough.

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