Eagles Couple Arrested For Bathroom Stall Fun Times (Video)

Eagles Couple Arrested For Bathroom Stall Fun Times (Video)

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Carolina Panthers 21-18 this weekend.

After getting off to a slow start and looking awful heading into halftime, Philly rebounded in the third quarter and then never looked back.

Interestingly enough, that wasn’t the main story coming out of Sunday.

Rather, the main headline of the day was what a pair of fans got busted doing.

Two Eagles fans were arrested this weekend after police allegedly caught them having some fun times in the bathroom stall.

Video from the incident speaks for itself:

@hickleberry_Bro was getting the sloppy jalopy and got arrested for it. Free my mans♬ original sound – hickleberry_

What precisely was the couple doing to get arrested? Everyone can determine that for themselves.

That said, given the kind of activity that has been landing fans in the headlines in recent weeks – this really isn’t too bad at all.

Not everyone can conduct themselves with the class of Front Row Amy at Milwaukee Brewers games, but hopefully this incident inspires fans to do better.

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