Big Chested Brewers Fan ‘Front Row Amy’ Finally Identified (Photos)

Big Chested Brewers Fan ‘Front Row Amy’ Finally Identified (Photos)

The Milwaukee Brewers are currently engaged in a competitive NLDS battle with the Atlanta Braves that has seen each team claim victory.

With the series tied at 1-1, you’d expect all attention to be directed towards the two squads involved.

Oddly enough, however, one of the most popular storylines surrounding this series has been a fan.

A specific Brewers fan, in fact.

Eagle-eyed viewers watching on TV couldn’t help but notice a consistent presence at Brewers home games. They also couldn’t help but notice her main identifying feature.

Naturally, folks wondered what this woman actually looked like – especially since she seemed so much friendlier than this other female fan who recently went viral.

Fortunately, an answer presented itself soon enough.

She even seems to have her own website:

Big Chested Brewers Fan ‘Front Row Amy’ Finally Identified (Photos) 1

Super fans are an important part of every sport, so it’s nice to see ‘Front Row Amy’ get some much-deserved recognition.

Given that other fans are in the news for fighting in the stands or unapologetically sexting in full view of others, it’s nice to see someone like ‘Front Row Amy’ bringing some much-needed respect back to the concept of fanhood.

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