Female Red Sox Fan Spits In Man’s Face, Pays The Price (Video)

Female Red Sox Fan Spits In Man’s Face, Pays The Price (Video)

A disgusting incident occurred at a baseball game recently.

The entire confrontation was caught on video, ensuring that it will live on in infamy online.

In the clip, an incensed Boston Red Sox fan snaps after being told she is sitting in the wrong seat.

The incident largely speaks for itself:

“We’ve literally been sitting here all night,” the woman seems to say.

There is some inaudible back and forth, and then the man can be heard saying, “all of your friends are over there.”

“You’re in the wrong seat sweetheart,” another fan seems to say.

And that’s when the Red Sox fan spits at him.

“That’s some rude a** s**t right there,” a man can be heard saying.

In many parts of the United States, spitting on someone constitutes assault. COVID-19 complicates the situation further. The fact that this ordeal was caught on video guarantees that consequences will be doled out.

But even if nothing happens to the woman legally, she’ll still pay a hefty price for her actions. Why? Because this clip has gone mega-viral, and she will forever be known across the country as the insane lady who spit in a guy’s face for no reason.

Obviously this isn’t the first example of fans behaving badly at a sporting event this year. It’s definitely the most egregious one, though. And thanks to the power of the internet, whether you’re this woman or the lady who showed up to last week’s Dallas Cowboys game with no pants on, there’s no running away from your actions.

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