Dwight Howard On Difference Between LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

Dwight Howard On Difference Between LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

Dwight Howard has had a lengthy NBA career with an assortment of highs and lows.

Because of how long he has been in the league, Howard has been able to play with a lot of different historical legends: namely LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Howard is uniquely qualified, more than most to be honest, to comment on the differences between the two men.

During a recent interview, Howard broke down the distinction between James and Bryant.

“They’re two different people,” Howard said openly.

“I always felt like Kobe was like Batman and LeBron’s like Captain America, for real. LeBron always, he wants everybody to be around, saying he wanna have fun, he wanna dance before the games and put on his music.

“Kobe’s just locked in. He don’t say nothing. He got the basketball, and he dribbling the heavy ball before the game.”

It’s hard to argue with Howard’s blunt assessment.

Whether he is speaking honestly about his future, breaking down his beef with Chris Paul or addressing the gay rumors head on – Howard generally keeps it pretty real.

This was obviously no exception.

Howard certainly has his fair share of extremely notable problems and issues. What happened with his 14-year-old son is deeply disturbing.

But he is definitely qualified to speak on all things hoops, including what the experience was like playing alongside all-time greats like James and Bryant.

Howard has a very outgoing personality. That means he will likely continue to pursue ways to stay in the limelight as his playing career winds down.

Expect more interviews of this nature down the road with various sources.

What will Howard ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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