Dwight Howard’s 14-Year-Old Son Embroiled In Disturbing Controversy

Dwight Howard’s 14-Year-Old Son Embroiled In Disturbing Controversy

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard’s 14-year-old son Braylon recently become embroiled in a disturbing controversy.

Braylon is the offspring of Howard and former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed.

As a result of everything that had transpired as of late, Reed reportedly had to surrender to authorities in Orange County, Florida.

Howard has yet to comment on the situation.

So what exactly happened? Well, according to court documents obtained by The Shade Room, “Royce Reed’s young son has an alleged history of inappropriate sexual conduct with minors, that came to a head last year when he allegedly made the minor son of Royce’s boyfriend perform a sexual act while the two boys were at Royce’s home.”

It gets worse.

“In the documents, investigators confirmed that during their interview with him about the incident he stated he ‘made [minor child’s name withheld] masturbate me because I was angry at him,’ while revealing that it happened on two separate occasions. Elsewhere in the interview, Royce’s son said that ‘anger triggers him into acting out sexually.’

“He was forbidden by authorities to have any conduct with minors two or more years younger than him—and the son of Royce’s boyfriend falls underneath those restrictions. Her son and the minor child had been together multiple times throughout the last year, despite him be required not to do so.

“In response to her son’s inappropriate conduct, Royce told investigators that he has been seeing a sexual treatment counselor at TrueCore Behavioral Solutions for the past eight months. However, when her son told the counselor about the incident, it was then forwarded DCF. That instance is how Royce Reed was charged with third-degree felony child neglect on March 10th.”

Just deeply disturbing stuff, all the way around.

It’s worth noting, a year or so back Braylon and Howard were in the news over how bad their relationship was. In fact, the youngster went out of his way to expose his father because of it.

Eventually, after a lot of media prodding, Howard finally responded to the allegations that had been made against him by his own kid.

When the back-and-forth quieted, there was hope that the relationship was repaired and that things were in a more healthy place now for all parties involved.

But clearly that is not the case.

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