Dwight Howard Gets Blunt About Chris Paul Beef (Video)

Dwight Howard Gets Blunt About Chris Paul Beef (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers big man Dwight Howard is one of the most fascinating players in the entire NBA. His journey from superstar to prima donna troublemaker to valuable backup on a championship team has been enthralling to watch.

Yes, there have been some bumps along the way. His one-season banishment from the Lakers last year, ongoing feud with his own 12-year-old son and tiffs with various Hall of Famers leave something to be desired.

But overall, Howard seems to be growing.

This past week Howard sat down with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report and addressed a number of topics. One particularly interesting one was the status of his beef with Chris Paul, which most people didn’t even know existed to begin with.

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” Howard said. “It’s like my story with Shaq. The NBA has to be a fraternity and we have to set an example for the kids who want to go to the NBA and the others … No matter what you think of someone personally, you don’t know people’s lives and what they’re going through.

“Chris Paul and I should have a conversation and talk about what’s wrong with us. There has always been some kind of beef, but I don’t know why. Maybe when he dunked on me when I was playing in Orlando (laughs)? He didn’t do anything to piss me off, but it’s like we’re constantly mad at each other. Suddenly I blame him and want to rip his head off. Then it is he who looks at me with big eyes, etc … In any case, I want to make sure that this situation changes to set an example for people and children.”

Paul is obviously no stranger to beefs. His absolute ethering of James Harden in an ESPN interview serves as the starkest example of that. But does he truly have any real ill will towards Howard? He hasn’t really expressed it outwardly if he does.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future these two can sit down, hash out whatever differences may or may not exist, and then move forward with a more positive relationship.

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