Draymond Green’s Blunt Reaction To Kyrie Irving Trade

Draymond Green’s Blunt Reaction To Kyrie Irving Trade

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green knows a thing or two about trying to win an NBA championship in a stacked Western Conference.

This past week, the path to a title got a little bit more difficult for him when the Dallas Mavericks went out and acquired Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets.

While Irving’s character issues are a matter of public record, particularly given how he criticized the Nets this week, his basketball skills are beyond reproach.

One NBA championship and eight All-Star appearances speak for themselves.

In a recent session on his podcast, Green broke down how he felt about the Irving-to-Dallas move.

“I don’t love it,” Green said.

“The reason I don’t love it, that’s very hard to stop. Very hard to stop.”

It is hard to argue with Green’s assessment. Irving is an explosive offensive talent. What happens when you put him alongside arguably the other best offensive player in the NBA today?

“Kyrie Irving is one of the best scorers we’ve seen,” Green added.

“One of the best, if not the best ball-handler we’ve seen. Tough-shot taker, tough-shot maker.”

Green is one of the most honest players in the league today. Whether he is talking about how his relationship with Jordan Poole has changed, his retirement plans or his future with the Warriors, he generally keeps it pretty real. If he is saying this about Irving, he means it.

Will Golden State ultimately come to rue the day Irving got sent to the West?

An answer one way or the other will reveal itself as the season plays out from here.

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