Draymond Green Keeps Beefing With Warriors Teammates

Draymond Green Keeps Beefing With Warriors Teammates

Draymond Green re-signed with the Golden State Warriors this summer in a deal that will see him make $100 million.

It makes sense on paper, given his unique role in playing a pivotal role in the Warriors’ success. Although it’s debatable whether he would have the same effect on another squad, that doesn’t really matter.

He is important to Golden State.

And that probably explains why Green is permitted to continuously beef with his teammates.

What transpired between Green and Kevin Durant is a matter of public, even if both men have tried to rewrite history on that topic.

Then of course there was Green’s violent encounter with Jordan Poole and the subsequent fallout from that.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Presently, Green seems to have some sort of issue with Jonathan Kuminga.

According to Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area, this is a growing concern.

“[Green and Kuminga’s non-relationship] is a problem, and it can only be fixed by Draymond,” Monte said.

“[Green’s] new contract implies the Warriors believe he can fix it. But around the league, there are a lot of people saying, ‘I don’t know.’”

Given some of the encounters that Green and Kuminga have had, this most recent report shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

It was reported after the Warriors’ season ended that there was some weird old vs young dynamic at play between the team’s stars last season. Kuminga and Poole obviously represented the young guys, Green represented the veterans.

That being said, when an organization has this many issues between players, at some point you need to start looking at the common denominator.

Will Green and his younger Warriors teammates ever be able to get on the same page going forward? Time will tell.

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