Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch Shares Wild Cowboys Club Photos

Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch Shares Wild Cowboys Club Photos

Dak Prescott’s girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch shared some wild Cowboys Club photos on social media this week.

Jannasch, a star LSU swimmer and Prescott’s special lady friend, is obviously no stranger to making headlines.

Between her provocative girls’ night pictures and racy birthday party photos, she has become something of a mainstay in the news cycle.

That trend continued on Saturday night, when she took to social media to share some wild photos from the Cowboys Club.

Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch Shares Wild Cowboys Club Photos 1

The Cowboys club, for the uninitiated, is a private social club and restaurant. It is dedicated to people who are “passionate” about the team – which Jannasch clearly is.

In addition to obviously being a big fan of both the Cowboys and Prescott, in particular, Jannasch also has a growing social media profile that is gaining followers by the day.

A bunch of her stuff routinely goes viral.

It’s quite telling that in a weekend that saw Brittany Mahomes’ controversial foot tattoo go viral and Marissa Lawrence’s training camp outfit set the internet ablaze, Jannasch still found a way to steal the show.

The looming season in Dallas promises to be an interesting one. There is a lot of pressure on both Prescott and the organization as a whole.

In the case of the latter, repeated failures in the playoffs are starting to take a toll on the fan base and the franchise’s larger reputation.

As far as the former is concerned, Prescott and the Cowboys are trying to determine the best way to proceed together long-term. At the moment, all signs point to a big extension coming the 30-year-old’s way.

But between him getting paid and CeeDee Lamb needing to come off his rookie deal, Dallas is about to spend a lot of money in a hurry.

It makes sense to break the bank when you’re winning meaningful postseason games. Less so when you’re not though. And over the entirety of the Prescott Era in Dallas – the Cowboys have not.

What will the 2023-24 campaign ultimately look like for Prescott and the Cowboys? Time will tell, but either way, Jannasch promises to be a prominent star in the year to come.

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