Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa’s Training Camp Outfit Causes A Stir

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa’s Training Camp Outfit Causes A Stir

Trevor Lawrence returned to Jacksonville Jaguars training camp this week ahead of his third year as a pro.

Accompanying him was his loving wife, Marissa Lawrence.

Over the past year Marissa has quietly established a massive audience on social media due in no small part to her openness and willingness to share stuff with fans.

As part of that trend, she took to social media this week to offer some photos from Jaguars training camp.

Marissa’s outfit, in particular, proved to be a huge hit.

“I love the pants, that has been my favorite look this summer,” one person wrote.

“The King and Queen,” another fan chimed in.

“Love you guys,” a third person added.

This obviously isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Trevor and Marissa have found themselves trending. Between Marissa’s wild girls’ trip video and their intimate beach day escapades, it has been one thing after another for the pair.

In addition, there is also just Marissa’s standard social media output. That too never disappoints.

In a week where Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend caused a major stir with her little black dress photos, it’s quite impressive how Marissa just kind of swooped in and stole the headlines.

Fashion and relationship stuff aside, though – this is going to be a huge year for Trevor and the Jaguars.

Last season they took over the AFC South crown. This year they need to keep it.

Ryan Tannehill is healthy and the Tennessee Titans are going to give Jacksonville a run.

Trevor’s ability to withstand that will be a telling indicator of his place in the NFL right now.

What sort of campaign awaits Trevor and Marissa in 2023? An answer one way or the other should emerge soon enough.

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