Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Shares Wild Girls’ Trip Video

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Shares Wild Girls’ Trip Video

Trevor Lawrence and his wife, Marissa, are quietly emerging as one of the biggest power couples in all of football.

Last season the Jacksonville Jaguars surprised a lot of people when they stepped up to become the AFC South’s top team.

The Tennessee Titans had spent a couple of years atop the division, but notable injuries – namely to Ryan Tannehill – knocked them off their path. Jacksonville took advantage.

Behind the best season yet of Trevor’s young career, not only did the Jaguars make the playoffs – they even won a game in historic fashion.

Because of how well the 2022-23 NFL campaign went for them, Trevor and Marissa have understandably been making the most of their free time.

This past week, Marissa ventured out on something of a girls’ trip with her friends. She shared a video of her shenanigans with her followers on social media and it immediately proved to be a huge hit.

“Looks like so much fun,” one fan wrote.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” a second person agreed.

This has been a hectic summer for the Lawrence clan. Trevor and Marissa have been in the headlines nonstop over the past few months.

Between Marissa’s wild beach day photos, the pair’s intimate vacation pictures and Marissa’s provocative workout imagery, they have made the news cycle for one reason or another on a regular basis.

This was just the latest example of that.

Fun times aside, though – it will be fascinating to see what version of the Jaguars shows up in 2023-24. A lot of that will depend on Trevor.

Obviously the short-lived Urban Meyer Era in Jacksonville essentially robbed Trevor of his rookie campaign. Doug Pederson fixed that last year.

But a lot of Jacksonville’s success last season can be attributed to Tannehill getting hurt and the Titans not having a suitable backup option.

In 2023-24, Tannehill will be back healthy. Between him and Derrick Henry, with Mike Vrabel coaching them up, Tennessee could give Jacksonville a real run.

Will Trevor be able to help the Jaguars maintain their chokehold on the AFC South? Time will tell, and no matter what, Marissa will undoubtedly be there cheering him on every step of the way.

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