New Video Of LeBron James After Bronny Was Released From Hospital

New Video Of LeBron James After Bronny Was Released From Hospital

LeBron James and the rest of his family have understandably been keeping a low profile ever since Bronny James’ cardiac arrest incident earlier in the week.

On Thursday, word emerged that Bronny had been released from the hospital and was now back home.

It was welcome news on all fronts.

Shortly thereafter the first video of LeBron since Bronny’s cardiac arrest came out. It showed him back at work, practicing in the gym.

LeBron had been scheduled to work out with AJ Dybantsa, but ultimately postponed the meet-up following Bronny’s health scare.

Him resuming basketball activities and working out with Dybantsa seems to suggest LeBron feels like Bronny is in better shape. And given how worried he was earlier in the week, it’s a great sign for all that LeBron is feeling more positively about the whole situation.

Bronny has received a lot of support from everyone ranging from his brother Bryce to random hoops fans he has never met. The whole world is rooting for him.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Over the past few years Bronny has consistently proven himself to be one of the most mentally-tough young athletes around. Whether the media digging into his love life or his basketball skills are being scrutinized, nothing rattles him.

If anyone has the resilience and mental fortitude to overcome this situation, it’s him.

Will we see Bronny suit up for USC at some point this year as planned, or has this incident altered things to some degree? One way or another, an answer will come soon enough.

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