Jordan Poole’s Cryptic Post After Draymond Green Comments

Jordan Poole’s Cryptic Post After Draymond Green Comments

Jordan Poole and Draymond Green saw their rivalry revived this week following some comments made by the latter on a podcast.

Essentially, what kicked things off was Green suggesting that he had a good reason for acting the way he acted when he punched Poole last summer.

Understandably, that didn’t sit well with some of Poole’s allies. His dad publicly threatened Green afterwards, and one of his best friends wrote a strongly-worded post on IG suggesting Green was in the wrong.

Late Wednesday, Poole posted a cryptic message on social media that some believe is aimed at Green.

The Golden State Warriors traded Poole to the Washington Wizards this summer in return for 38-year-old Chris Paul. It was a shocking turn of events, given that the organization had just given Poole a $100 million extension one year prior.

Clearly Poole’s poisoned relationship with Green was a big reason for the trade, but it wasn’t the only one. By all accounts, Klay Thompson didn’t like Poole very much. Neither did Steve Kerr.

Stephen Curry obviously tried his best to get along with Poole, but certain frustrated moments from last season showed that all wasn’t great as it pertains to that relationship either.

Poole, for his part, seemed particularly annoyed with not getting more credit for how he handled Green punching him.

“I don’t speak on it much,” Poole said in an interview.

“But I will say that … you’ve got to have a different level of maturity. We had a season to play. You’re going to have to play with these people in the locker room, and that’s why I said maturity is a big thing.

“What I know for a fact is there aren’t many people who would be able to think logically and understand the magnitude of the situation, you know?”

Many hoped that Poole’s trade would signal the end of his beef with Green.

But at the moment – it feels like it’s just getting started.

Will Green and Poole eventually find a way to let bygones be bygones? Time will tell.

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