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Did Texas A&M Get Robbed Of Alabama Win By Refs? (Video)

Did Texas A&M Get Robbed Of Alabama Win By Refs? (Video)

Texas A&M gave Alabama a much tougher battle than anyone anticipated they would this weekend, but in the end the Aggies still fell in disappointing fashion.

Had Jimbo Fisher and Co. simply gotten blown out, everyone would have chalked the result up to being what you would expect from the outing and moved on. But the way the Aggies blew this one really left a sour taste in people’s mouths.

Texas A&M trailed Alabama by four and got possession on their 29-yard line with less than two minutes on the clock. They successfully took the ball all the way down to the Crimson Tide’s 3-yard line and found themselves within reach of victory.

With three seconds left and the game on the line, this is what Fisher opted to go with:

Understandably, fans were not happy with that play call after the fact. Most of the blame was laid at Fisher’s feet. That said, not all the blame.

Some fans seemed to suggest that Texas A&M actually got robbed of a deserved victory by the referees. This was the main reason:

Fans offered a mixed response on how much that sequence mattered and whether they expected it to be called in that particular instance.

As a general rule of thumb, when referees truly rob a team in particularly egregious fashion, there isn’t much room for interpretation there. Another game that took place this past Saturday was a great example of that.

In this case, the fact that fans were so mixed on it means that officials probably can be given a pass.

Big picture, though – refereeing in the SEC has been atrocious this year. It stole the show last week. And the week prior to that. And the week prior to that, too.

There is so much fun stuff going on in college football these days. Between Coach O getting frisky with the ladies on a seemingly weekly basis and players flirting with cheerleaders midgame, Saturdays are filled good vibes.

The officiating is the lone exception. It probably wasn’t to blame for Texas A&M choking against Alabama. Fisher is at fault for that. But it’s still awful in general.

Hopefully at some point the powers that be step up and doing something to remedy the situation. Because if they don’t, it could do irreparable damage to the integrity of the sport.

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