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Video Shows How Missouri Got Cheated Out Of Georgia Win

Video Shows How Missouri Got Cheated Out Of Georgia Win

Missouri came very close to dethroning then-No. 1 ranked Georgia this past weekend.

For roughly two and a half quarters, the Tigers objectively outplayed their opposition. Unfortunately, a late run by the Bulldogs spared them the indignity of falling to an unranked squad.

To add insult to injury, Georgia also got some help from the officials to ensure that they could complete their comeback.

The video speaks for itself:

With the game very much in doubt and Georgia facing a fourth down, the refs completely swallowed their whistles on a false start call. Yikes.

Fans were understandably ticked off after the fact:

None of this should come as a surprise. In addition to somewhat humorous incidents like a player flirting with a cheerleader midgame, this weekend was also littered with a ton of game-changing bad calls. All in the SEC, no less.

Missouri is not going to do much of anything this year. They have at least three more losses on the calendar this season. Six defeats for the Tigers in 2022 feels like an inevitability.

This should have been the highlight of their season.

Bad calls have a domino effect. They mess with the integrity of the game and, if enough occur, it makes wins and losses a lot less impactful for fans.

Hopefully the SEC gets its act together on this matter. If it doesn’t, there is a very likely scenario where irreparable harm is done to the game in the eyes of many a loyal watchers.

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