Devin Booker In Post-Kendall Jenner Love Triangle With Maya Jama?

Devin Booker In Post-Kendall Jenner Love Triangle With Maya Jama?

Devin Booker may be in a post-Kendall Jenner love triangle with Love Island host Maya Jama, according to recent reports.

Booker, the star guard of the Phoenix Suns, was famously involved in a lengthy relationship with Jenner. She would often send him very intimate public messages and they seemed on track for marriage – until they weren’t.

The pair eventually split earlier this year, leading to a purported beef between him and her new beau. There were also some salacious rumors about Booker and one of Jenner’s sisters.

This week, word emerged that Booker had moved on. Jama, apparently, is the new lady he has his eye on.

According to TMSPN, “Devin is keeping his eye on Ben’s ex Maya Jama, and has been liking, and then quickly un-liking some of her latest pics. This is a little trick some people like to do in order to get someone’s attention.”

Jama, of course, is known to many NBA fans as Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons’ ex-fiancée. Her various provocative photos were always a huge hit among hoops enthusiasts.

It will be interesting to see if she ultimately links up with Booker in some capacity.

Jenner has clearly moved on since her time with Booker, and the only moving on he has seemingly done is party with random women at the club.

Relationship stuff aside, Booker is also facing a very consequential season on the court.

The Suns acquired Bradley Beal over the offseason in hopes of forming a three-headed monster featuring him, Booker and Kevin Durant.

It’s championship or bust for the trio in 2023-24.

Will Booker be able to win that ever-elusive NBA Title on the court next season? And will he be able to land Jama off it? An answer to both questions, one way or the other, should emerge soon enough.

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