Detroit Lions Fan Busted Taking Provocative Photos Of Cheerleaders

Detroit Lions Fan Busted Taking Provocative Photos Of Cheerleaders

The Detroit Lions came into their 2022-23 campaign with high hopes.

Head coach Dan Campbell was an offseason darling. First round pick Aidan Hutchinson was coming off a tremendous collegiate career (plus, his mom is basically a supermodel). Quarterback Jared Goff had played quite well to close out last year, so folks were counting on that momentum rolling over.

Optimism was off the charts. Sadly, it was all for naught.

Eight games into the year – Detroit is 2-6. Halfway through the season and it’s already another lost campaign for the Lions.

And the team isn’t just struggling on the field. Their fans aren’t doing too well for themselves off it, either.

Case in point:

Detroit Lions Fan Busted Taking Provocative Photos Of Cheerleaders 1


Obviously this isn’t exactly the first incident of its kind at an NFL game. Earlier this year, a Minnesota Vikings fan couldn’t stop staring at a Philadelphia Eagles fan with a particularly big butt.

And it’s not even limited to the pro game. Over at the college level, a cameramen recently couldn’t stop scoping out attractive females at a Florida game.

So in some ways this is just par for the course.

Nevertheless, regardless of how you feel about this incident, it’s just the latest embarrassment for a franchise that is full of them.

Worst of all, it’s hard to see a viable path for the Lions to improve their season from here. Next week they face off against a scrappy Chicago Bears team that just got cheated of a win they deserved.

Then it’s battles against the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. It’s really not all that inconceivable that Detroit might be 3-11 heading into their Dec. 24 showdown against the Carolina Panthers.

Not great. And certainly not what folks were hoping for coming into the season.

Will the Lions ever be able to regain some semblance of respectability as a franchise?

Maybe. However, it clearly won’t happen this year.

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